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Our Philosophy

We are the wholesaler and distributor for many aquarium and pet products. We sell to supermarkets, hypermarkets and pet stores.

ANGEL and QC our own house brand, is a growing quality name in the market. Specially catered for the hobbyist, we are the constantly improving and producing vital products for this industry.

Our import come all over the world: USA, Europe, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia. we are the agent and distributor for many quality brands like Vitakraft, Carefresh, Europet, Dr Luv Care, Seeds, Ocean Nutrition and Amtra. We also import and distribute fishing accessories and hobby hydroponics set-ups. We are the local distributor for publication like Aqualog and T.F.H. We are agent and distributor for many Discus publication including Singapore Discus In The Millennium, Penang Discus, Asian Discus, Wayne's Discus and Malaysia Discus. And more...

ANGEL and QC provide a wide range of products for the pets and aquarium market. We are looking for distributors for all our products. We are keen to import quality pets and hobby products from any supplier.